Properly maintained tires are essential to your vehicle’s safety and performance. Bald or worn tires can increase stopping distance and can decrease road grip and traction. Low tire pressure can rob you of fuel economy, power, and can even lead to a tire blowout.

New Tires

We stock and install many of the top brands of tires, including Pirelli, Cooper, and many more. When you get a set of tires installed with us, we’ll make sure they’re properly mounted and balanced to make sure you get the best performance possible.

Tire Rotation

Rotating your tires is a simple procedure that helps your tires wear more evenly, which extends their lifespan. Consider performing a tire rotation next time you come in for a brake job or another repair. Our technicians will let you know whether you need one at that time.

Uneven Wear

Are your tires wearing unevenly? Do they have less tread on the outside than the inside, or vice versa? This can be a result of improperly aligned wheels, which can drastically reduce the lifespan and safety of your tires. See how we can help with an alignment.

Tire Plugs

Found a hole in your tire? Don’t fret - we can fix it for you. Just bring the tire in and we’ll get it patched up, or recommend a solution if the tire is too damaged to simply plug.